Pumping, Chopping, Pulsing, Panning, Tremolo with Ableton Live’s Auto-Panner

Tempo-based effects on keys patches are so much more practical these days since we’re playing with clicks more. Even if you don’t have a click, there’s usually a ‘tap-tempo’ option in your plug-in host or keyboard that can get you close enough.

I often program my pulsing, chopping, pumping, etc effects within a patch itself in Omnisphere or ES2 or (insert plug-in of choice here). However, sometimes it’s easier and more fun to use a separate device to apply this effect to an existing patch.

This video shows how I use #Ableton Live’s Auto-Panner device to take a regular #Omnisphere patch and apply a variety of pump/chop/pulse effects.

Hit me up with comments or questions if you have any.

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