Great Apple Mainstage Tutorials


I recently taught a keyboard workshop at Worship Northwest called “Big Keyboard Sounds//Small Keyboard Budget.” In it, I spent time showing how the $29.99 Mac App, Mainstage can give you access to some of the most inspiring sounds that keyboardists use today.

Even though Mainstage follows the Apple way of making things graphical and intuitive, it’s a lot to bite off and chew. Fortunately, there’s help!

Abel Mendoza, a keyboardist, sound designer and producer has put together a series of really helpful tutorials on how to get going with Mainstage. Abel has programmed some amazing sounds with Mainstage that are used by everyone from tobymac to Hillsong, to the small church around the corner.

If you’re trying to get going with Mainstage, please dive in to these tutorials. It’s time well spent.

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